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Welcome to Kowi Properties and thank you for being our guest. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable environment for your stay. We realize that you have many choices and we want to make your stay with us a happy and memorable experience so that you will stay with us again and recommend us to your friends and family. Our policies come from years of experience in the cabin management business and we strive to be fair to you as well as the private cabin owners that allow us to market their properties for guest to enjoy our beautiful community. Keep in mind that these properties are privately owned and scattered over mixed rental and residential areas. Please treat the cabin as you would your own home. These cabins are special to each and every cabin owner and are their homes away from home and they have chosen to share their homes with you. We ask that you respect your neighbors and maintain noise levels to acceptable limits. Kowi Properties does not allow parties, events, or overcrowding of cabins for any reason. Making a reservation in our reservation portal, you agree to abide by the cabin owners and Kowi Properties policies in order to submit a reservation request. We ask that you read these policies prior to making a reservation. We strictly enforce these policies for the overall satisfaction of all of our guests. For additional information, please visit our Things to do and FAQs pages.


COVID-19: Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic you are strongly encouraged and advised to purchase travel insurance with a 3rd party provider ( Purchasing travel insurance is the responsibility of the person making the reservation. Everyone is well aware of the potential to have an exposure to Covid-19 amongst life events or unpredictable weather. Kowi Properties will honor our policies and hold guest accountable to the agreed cancellation policies as outlined in our policies which must be read and agreed to in the reservation process. Kowi Properties reservation system will not allow a reservation to be made without checking the boxes that you have read and agreed to in order to make a reservation.

Reservations: All reservations must be made online. The person making the reservation must be at least 21 years old, (some properties may require 25 years old), be on the method of payment required for the reservation, required to provide a copy or present original valid picture ID, and be in attendance for the reservation period. Kowi Properties does not allow persons to rent property(ies) for persons under the minimum age requirement. Reservations made shall be at the discretion of Kowi Properties. Reservations not meeting the policies of Kowi Properties may be canceled without full refund of payments. Please see cancellation.

Guest Privacy Policy: We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Registered guest who may have other guest staying or visiting them are responsible for providing driving directions and entry codes. Kowi Properties will not provide this information to anyone other than the person/persons listed on the reservation. We will also not confirm the names of registered guest to anyone other than the person who is listed on the reservation.

Minimum Stays: A 2 night minimum stay is required on most reservations. A 3 to 4 night stay is required for Federal Recognized Holidays, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the week and Spring Break. Single night stays are on a may be approved on a case by case basis.  

Driving Directions: Detailed driving directions from Broken Bow, OK intersections of US 259/70 and Oklahoma SH 3 to your cabin are in the confirmation emails. Please print these before departing on your vacation. 911 has mapped the area but GPS is not available for the addresses of the cabins.

Check In/Out: Check in is a self check-in procedure. There is no centralized check-in office. Your reservation will have detailed driving directions and door access codes. Door access codes are only valid for the length of the reservation. Please print reservation confirmation so you will have detailed driving directions. Relying on retrieval via email while in the area is not guaranteed. Please follow check in time procedures. Each cabin is like cleaning a house and not a hotel room. We need the full amount of time allocated to properly clean the cabin. Check in is 4:00 PM or later in on all cabins, 10:00 AM checkout or earlier on departure date. Checking out after 10:00 AM will be subject to additional charges of $75 per hour. Please do not ask for a late check out. If you need a late checkout, reserve the cabin for an additional night and leave as late that day or night as you want to. Please do not ask for early check in. We cannot block and take the cabin out of rentals the night prior for arrival unless booked by the arriving guest. If you want to arrive early please book the cabin for an additional night before your planned arrival. 

Entry to the cabin is not permitted until your scheduled check in time from your confirmation. In order to provide clean and comfortable accommodations, these times must remain firm so that our staff can clean the properties properly. When checking out please leave the cabin and property in a reasonable condition. Please load all dirty dishes in dishwasher and begin wash cycle, leave all used towels in the laundry room/area for cleaning, leave all beds unmade, remove all trash from cabin and place in trash cans provided outside, please make sure lid is closed firmly due to wild animals, and remove all personal items from refrigerator. Trash is picked up at outside trashcans multiple times per week, please remove trash from inside the cabin as needed. Many cabins are equipped with smart TV's. Please be sure to log out of any of your personal accounts prior to departure. Please do not move furniture. Replacing furniture back to original location may result in additional charges starting at no less than $75. Excess trash, food, bodily fluids, large amounts of pet fur (especially on furniture and/or bedding), or anything that could be determined as disregard to the cabin and or property will be charged an excess cleaning charge of no less than $200. Cleaners do receive the full amount of all cleaning fees and in cases such as this, multiple cleaners will have to be onsite, usually pulled from other properties, to prepare the cabin for new guests within mere hours.

Rates: The nightly cabin rate will be listed in the reservation system. Please see the reservation/pricing tab on each of the cabins page for rates. The rate is based on number of guests the cabin will accommodate comfortably, amenities offered, and square footage, and season.  Number of guests allowed is based on size and number of beds which is two persons per full bed, queen bed ,and/or king bed and 1 person per twin bed and smaller. Overcrowding of cabins will result in additional charges per person per night and or eviction without discount or refunds. Our properties are monitored by Aegis Security which does have the authority to act on the behalf of the property owners.

Cleaning Fee-Each reservation will incur a Cleaning Fee (non-refundable after use of property) of per reservation. The fee goes directly to housekeepers who are contracted per reservation. This fee will cover cost associated with cleaning of the property after guest stay and restocking of useable items such as trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.. Housekeepers do verify condition of property before and after guests stays. Please notify Kowi Properties of any damages at cabin upon your arrival. Any damages to the property will be charged the full amount to the card on file for the reservation. Any damages to the property must be reported to Kowi Properties by phone or email prior to leaving the property.

Amenities: Our cabins are equipped with a variety of amenities that we hope will help make your stay more enjoyable. Not all amenities listed are available at all properties. Please review the cabins listing page for a list of amenities or contact us at with any amenity questions. 

KITCHEN: The Cabin will have basic pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cutlery, and a few pantry items. In addition, the

Cabin may have various small appliances such as a griddle, coffee-maker, waffle-maker, blender, etc. We will

do our best to ensure the working condition of any small appliances. Guest nonetheless recognizes the

possibility that one or more small appliances may cease to function as intended and that We do not guarantee that any particular small appliance will be provided or will be in working condition. We suggest you bring disposable products such as plastic bags, foil, or tupperware. 

LINENS: Bed linens, blankets, pillows, and bath towels are provided; daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. Towels provided are to remain in the cabin and not used outside or for off property activities. We suggest you bring extra towels for any outdoor activities. Do not remove towels or linens from the cabin. Do not take the provided towels to off-site activities such as the lake or river; you will be charged for lost or damaged towels and linens. The laundry room, including washing machine and dryer, is available for your use as well. Enough laundry detergent to do a few loads of laundry is provided. Please bring your own detergent if you have special requirements. 

Damages: We do understand that some incidents may occur with no ill will, reckless behavior, or malicious intent. Please notify Kowi Properties of any accidental damages. Damage fees may include incidentals such as, the breaking of hot tub lids (replacements start at $750.00), broken/damaged furniture, damaged/missing towels, pillows, blankets or bedding, damaged/missing games, smoking of any kind inside of the cabin, tampering with or cooking over gas fireplaces (please use firepit instead), damages resulting from running ac and fireplace simultaneously, tampering with electronics including TV's, security cameras, damages to trees which includes chopping limbs for firewood, cutting down of a tree (replacements start at $500.00), etc. Please do not allow children to stand on the hot tub or sit on the hot tub lid for their safety.

Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces/Outdoor Heaters: All cabin indoor and outdoor fireplaces/heaters are on propane and seasonal use only. The use of electricity is required to ignite and provide propane to the fire. Running both the fireplace and AC simultaneously will cause damage to the HVAC system resulting in costly repairs. They will be available for use from mid October through early April depending on weather temperatures. We thank you for your understanding. Do not tamper with, remove logs, unplug any indoor, outdoor fireplaces, or outdoor heaters that may require a service call. A $100 fee will be imposed for tampering with these items. Housekeeping will check these items prior to your arrival to insure there properly functioning. Do not burn real logs, charcoal, or cook any food in a propane fireplace indoor or outdoor. It will cause extensive damage and you will be responsible for cost of repairing damages incurred (damages start at $750.00). Please feel free to use outdoor firepits year round with the exception of when the area is under a fire ban.

Firewood and Campfires: Please note that it is against the law to leave campfires unattended. Please make sure to extinguish fires 100% prior to leaving the property. Do NOT remove freshly burnt wood from the fire pit or build any fires outside of designated fire pits for your own safety as well as the safety of wildlife and our forest. All of these instances may result in major damages to the property, surrounding properties, the forest, and the natural wild life. Firewood can be purchased through Kowi Properties and delivered to your cabin, prices are $40.00 1/4 rick, $75.00 for 1/2 rick or purchased in town. Firewood request need to be requested at the time the rental is made. Request made after arrival at the cabin may take one day or longer to be delivered. Refunds cannot be given for unused firewood. During high fire danger times, we will notify guest by signage inside of cabin of outside fire bans imposed by the issuing authority. Fire bans may be issued by local authorities and state officials at any time and are not within our control.  If a fire ban is issued all firewood ordered will be canceled and refunds will be given for any firewood not delivered. No other refunds for firewood will be issued.  Please do not forage for firewood or cut trees around cabins. If trees are cut down or damaged a replacement charge will be added to your stay.

Grills: Both Propane and Charcoal
Please use caution when grilling at the cabin. Propane grills provided will get very hot quickly, especially when the cover is left closed. DO NOT LEAVE GRILL UNATTENDED WHEN GRILLING. This may cause your food to burn, or fire danger. We clean each grill after every guest but there may be grease in the bottom of the grill. If the grill is left on and unattended, this grease may flame and cause a fire. Using charcoal or firewood in a gas grill will ruin the gas grill and the guest on the reservation will be responsible for cost to replace the grill. A propane tank will be provided for each reservation. Please contact us if your propane tank is low. We will provide a replacement one time for the rest of your stay.

Quiet Hours: Please be mindful of your neighbors. Cabins are to avoid being excessively loud outside at all times, such as playing loud music or shouting, screaming at any time during your stay. Please observe quiet hours from 10:00 P.M. until 8:00 A.M.  Excessive noise outside during quiet hours may be cause for immediate eviction from property without refund. Please note that all of the cabins in the area are privately owned and any cabin that is not managed by Kowi Properties is not restricted by our policies. We will attempt to contact the management company or owner of cabins creating loud noises and ask them to contact the guests to address the noise. We do not have control over noises therefore no discounts or refunds shall be given for noise issues. 

Area Development: The area of Hochatown is experiencing a construction boom. Cabin construction is taking place in all areas of Hochatown. We cannot predict when and/or where new construction will be occurring. We try to work cooperatively with all construction companies to keep noise to a minimum.  Kowi Properties has limited abilities to keep noises to a minimum.

Restocking of Supplies: We supply all our guest with ample supplies of hand soap, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, and laundry detergent needed for the of guests length of stay. 

TV’s: Prior to your arrival we inspect each cabin and turn on TV’s to ensure they are on correct settings. Cabins with Direct TV will operated on the HDMI 1 setting. If TV settings are tampered with and TV is not working properly we will correct the settings as soon as possible.

TELEVISION PACKAGES - INTERNET SERVICES: The Cabin includes access to basic television programming and

to internet. We cannot alter television providers or subscription packages and cannot guarantee any program

or access to any particular channel. Wireless internet network and password will be provided with your check-in information. Guest recognizes that television and/or internet failures and outages are beyond the control of Kowi Properties. No refunds or compensation will be given for television and/or internet failures and outages. Do not disconnect or alter the setting for the equipment for any reason. Housekeeping will check the television, etc. to insure they are in working order. There is a fee of $100 for tampering with the electronics, i.e.: television, receivers, etc. equipment in the cabin. Fines will be strictly enforced to cover the cost of correcting any equipment tampering. Please ensure everything is in working order before you leave your cabin.

Internet: Internet service is provided at no charge. Nor owners or Kowi Properties is not responsible for outages or compatibility with guest computers. Wireless internet network and password will be provided with your check-in information. Guests may not use the cabin internet service in a manner that violates any local, state, federal or international law or regulation, including but not limited to fraudulent and obscene activity.

Maintenance, Repairs, & Service Calls

Guest understands that We cannot guarantee against encountering problems at the cabin. Please report all

non-emergency maintenance requests to book@kowiproperties between 8 am and 4 pm; we will make every reasonable effort to address the issue. If you find maintenance repairs left unattended in your cabin prior to your arrival, please let us know via e-mail to book@kowiproperties, or feel free to leave a list for us in your cabin. The cleaners will provide all maintenance requests to us promptly. Our maintenance crew is available after hours for emergency service only. Should a maintenance/repair person make a call to a cabin and find that the equipment is in working order and the problem was due to the guest’s oversite, misuse, or neglect, the charge for service will be at the guest’s expense. MINIMUM SERVICE CALL FEES START AT $50.00 and could take several hours to respond. This includes locking yourself out of your cabin. In the event of any emergency, phone numbers for local police, fire, and medical are listed in the Cabin. Please call us anytime with any urgent concerns. If your concern is not urgent, we would greatly appreciate your call during normal business hours. We reserve the right to enter the Property at any time including during Guest’s stay to respond to a service call for repairs or alternations, to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, and check for damage.

Hot Tubs: All hot tubs are drained and cleaned after each guest visit. Once hot tubs have been filled it will take roughly 3 to 4 hours to fully heat the water. In order to keep check-ins as early as possible your hot tub water may not be at desired temperature upon your arrival. Please do not adjust hot tub settings as they are set properly after cleaning. You can monitor the temperature and it will be rising as the water in the tub heats. If there is no temperature rise after 30 minutes then please call our housekeeping number. Please do not allow children to get on top of hot tub or Spa covers as they will break. Replacement cost of hot tub covers is a minimum of $750.00 and more depending on size. Do NOT add anything to the hot tub water. This could cause extensive irreparable damage and the replacement of the hot tub which the renter is responsible for. Do not use hot tubs if there is thunder and or lightening in the surrounding area.

Weddings/Parties/Large Events: We do not allow weddings, wedding receptions, parties, or large events on properties. Violation may result in fines, immediate eviction without discount or refund, and personal liability of all in attendance and damages.

Additional Guests: We do not charge for additional guests that fit within the capacity limitations of each cabin. Additional guests outside of the capacity limitations is NOT allowed and will fall under our overcrowding rules. If you have a large group spread between two or more cabins, please make us aware at time of booking. We will require the number of additional guests that may visit the cabin. We will NOT allow large amounts of additional guests to visit any cabin due to septic and fire safety limitations. 

Forms of Payment: Forms of payment accepted are a valid credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Name on reservation must be the same name on the credit card making payment. No split payments between person on reservation and a third party. Half of the rental costs is required at booking. 

Payment/Deposit: 30% of reservation is due at the time of booking for all reservations made over 21 days prior to reservation. Balance of reservation for all 1, 2 and 3 bedroom cabins will be billed 21 days prior to arrival. Balance of reservation for all 4 bedroom and larger cabins will be billed 30 days prior to arrival. All cabins booked for. Acceptance of this agreement allows Kowi Cabin Getaways to bill my credit card used to make the reservation unless other arrangements have been made.


Check In/Check Out: The properties are self check in at 4:00 PM. You will be emailed a confirmation that will have driving directions to cabin and your personalized entry access codes will be uploaded to your personal guest portal prior to your arrival. Please print these before leaving. Do not count on your email to download the directions and entry codes once in the area. Check out is self check out prior to 10:00 AM on the day of departure. Access codes are only valid for the duration of the stay. Access codes are not active prior to or after check-in or check-out times. Please leave the property neat and orderly upon departure. Cabins left messy with pet hair on furniture and in bedding, any type of deification and or vomit, movement of furniture from original placement will be subject of excessive cleaning fees up to $200.00. If damages occur, there will also be charges to cover up to the full amount of repairing damages.

CANCELLATION POLICY. We do highly recommend purchasing travelers’ insurance in the event of unforeseen weather conditions, emergency events, or other occurrences that would result in a cancellation.

Upon making this reservation, you provided an initial deposit (“Initial Deposit”) equal to 30% of the full rental amount if booked more than 30 days prior to check-in. The remainder of the total payment will be due 30 days prior to your check-in date.

If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, the following terms will apply based upon when the cancellation is made:

-Travelers who cancel at least 15 days before check-in will get back 100% of the amount they've paid minus credit cards fees charged to Kowi Properties by credit card processing company.

-If they cancel between 8 and 14 days before check-in, will get back 50% of the reservation total plus fees minus credit cards fees charged to Kowi Properties by credit card processing company.

-All other cancellations are nonrefundable.

In the event that a reservation is cancelled according to the above terms, we, in our own discretion, may choose to refund all or a portion of the non-refunded amounts only if the cabin can be re-rented. Only the Guest, as named on the reservation, may cancel or make changes to a reservation. No cancellation shall be valid unless delivered/requested in writing, via original booking platform. We regret that we cannot accept cancellations by text, phone or voice-mail.

In the event that Kowi Properties must cancel a reservation due to circumstances outside of Kowi Properties control, the following terms will apply:

-guest will be move to an equal or upgraded property managed by Kowi Properties at no additional costs

-the reservation will be refunded in full, including credit card processing fees and Kowi Properties will look for other properties and if possible, send comparable properties information to guest with contact information of Host

Such circumstances include but are not limited to: property no longer available due to sell or no longer with Kowi Properties, property no longer inhabitable due to natural disaster, property no longer safe due to damages, etc.

No refunds will be given for any Guest that i) fails to arrive for their reservation, ii) must depart prior to completion of the reservation, or iii) is asked to leave for failure to abide by the terms of this cabin rules or Rental Agreement (including, non-compliance with the Pet Policy and/or Smoking Policy).

Travelers Insurance is always recommended for unexpected life changes


LOST AND FOUND: Please keep in mind, that if you happen to leave something behind, there will be a minimum of a $25.00 charge plus shipping fees to return the items to you.

Weather and Environmental Conditions: We are not able to give refunds due to inclement weather and/or early departure. We will rebook reservation if National Weather Service or State Weather Services issues advisories of all road closures that do not allow you to travel between your point of departure and our properties. Conditions of the lake and surrounding areas are not reasons for cancellations. Prescribed or controlled burns may be conducted in the area by the US Forest Service. Kowi Properties is not able to provide refunds or cancellations due to environmental conditions from prescribed or controlled burns. We provide a link to travel insurance on the home page of our website and highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This is provided as a convenience and is a 3rd party vendor. You may use this to purchase travel insurance or use an insurance provider of your choice.

Temporary Utility Outages: Due to the rural areas and density of the vast forest that our cabins are in, there can be temporary utility outages or weak services due to factors that Kowi Properties and cabin owners cannot control. When utility outages occur, services such as Wi-Fi may restore themselves, however, the local service providers will be contacted and restoring services as quickly as possible. Cancellation and refunds cannot be given when outages occur.

Allergies and Sensitivities: All of our cabins are privately owned and are second homes to the owners. Kowi Properties cannot guarantee the cabin to be hypoallergenic. If you suffer from allergies, please bring all of your required allergy medications. 

Pets: Please be sure to read each cabins listing in detail for pet rules prior to booking. These rules are set by each individual cabin owner and disregard to these rules and rules set by Kowi Properties may be subject to fines and or immediate eviction without discount or refunds. No more than 2 dogs are permitted in pet friendly cabins, some properties will only allow 1 dog. This will be noted in the cabin details. All other animals are not permitted in any cabin. Dogs 50 pounds and under are allowed in properties that are marked dog friendly unless noted on the amenities list for property. Some properties have a 15 pound limit, that will be detailed in the property amenities. There will be a $50.00 per pet per night charge applied to pets. Do not allow dogs to get on furniture or in beds. Crate your pet if you leave property. Animal droppings and excessive cleaning due to pet hair removal will incur additional charges. Failure to claim pets on reservation, make us aware you are bringing pets or not following per policies of any limits may result in eviction from property without discounts or refunds. Allowing pets on furniture, not picking up after pet droppings, or not crating pets while away from property shall be subject to pet fees being applied up to the rate of $100.00 per day and/or immediate eviction without discount or refund. Personal pets not belonging to registered guest are not allowed at the properties without approval from Kowi Properties. Please keep your pet on a leash while outside of the cabin. This is for your pets safety as there are many wild animals and strays throughout the area and surrounding forest.

Items Lost or Left Behind: Kowi Properties shall not be responsible for items left or lost in any cabin by guest. Upon request, personal items left behind, if found, will be mailed to guest within 14 days. A minimum fee of $20.00 to cover retrieval of item and the shipping and handling charges will be added to the guest charges. Items retrieved from cabin and not claimed within 30 days of scheduled departure will be discarded.

Damages: Damages to the cabin or grounds including trees will be repaired and cost to repair and replace will be billed to the reservation. Please do not allow children to get on top of hot tub or Spa covers as they will break. Replacement cost of hot tub covers starts at $750.00.

Tents and RV’s: Guests may not utilize tents or RV’s on any cabin property

Fireworks and Loud Noises: Shooting off fireworks is a major fire hazard and are NOT permitted on any properties at any time. Loud noises such as shooting of guns and playing loud music outside are not permitted on the properties. Violation of these policies may subject property guest to immediate eviction from property without discounts or refund of reservation fees and trash left behind will be an excessive cleaning fee charge.

Smoking: Smoking of any kind, this includes cigarettes, cigars, hookah, marijuana, etc, is NOT allowed inside any of living areas of properties. You may smoke on covered and uncovered decks with main doors and windows to the cabin closed. Please do not leave butts on the grounds. Smoking in a cabin will incur a minimum $500.00 cleaning fee for specialized equipment plus any cost associated with accommodating future guest stays in the cabin due to any type of smoke smell. Smoking in the cabin can be cause for immediate eviction from the property without discount or refund of reservation fees paid. 

Trash: Please secure trash that is placed outside in the trash cans provided with the lid on them throughout your stay. Trash is picked up several times per week. There are critters in the area that will scatter your trash. Please do not clean fish on property. We do have predator's such as bears that will be attracted. 

Firearms and Airguns: Please take your firearms home with you. Airguns (some examples are bb guns, pellet guns, paint ball guns) and firearms are not allowed to be shot for recreational purposes on the properties.  Discharge of airguns or firearms on properties can be grounds for immediate eviction without discounts or refund for remainder of stay. If you checkout of property and leave a firearm, you may retrieve the firearm from us on the day of your departure. Any firearm left overnight will be transferred to you via local FFL License to a FFL license of your choosing. The minimum fees are handling fees of $100.00 plus shipping and FFL Fees. Kowi Properties policy is to not store firearms for retrieval at a later date. Any firearm not claimed or shipped after 30 days or not picked up on day of scheduled departure from property will be considered abandoned property and disposed of.

Privacy Policy: We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you make a reservation on our site. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

Property Electronic Equipment: A $100 fee will be imposed for tampering with electronic equipment that causes a service call. Do not unhook, disconnect any electronic equipment for video games or other devices. Video games may be connected to available HDMI slots only. Housekeeping will check electronics before arrival to ensure they are in working order.

Cabin Construction: Cabins are made of wood construction and additional materials that are part of normal and accepted building standards. Cabins are finished to standards of wood construction using lacquer finishes. Please be aware if any guest has any sensitivities to wood material or wood finishes, discounts and refunds for departure will not be given.

Wildlife Encounters: Due to the location of our cabins in forested areas, there is a chance guests will encounter some type of wildlife, insects or stray animals. Each property is professionally treated on a scheduled basis for interior pests, but due to the natural habitation of the forest, no refunds or compensation will be given for any problems resulting from pests inside or outside the cabin. Do not feed animals you may see around the cabin nor permit them to enter the cabin. Do not allow children to play with, pet or feed stray animals. We are not responsible for any wildlife or animal encounters of any kind. Kowi Properties is not responsible for medical bills resulting from injuries resulting from encounters with wildlife or stray animals.

Liability: All outdoor activities involve certain inherent risk of injury up to and including death. Every effort will be made to secure and make safe all facilities under our management. It is expressly understood and agreed that neither the owner, nor the management company of said premises, shall be liable for any damages or injury to guest, guest’s guests or their families, or to any of owners property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy or use of the premises and hot tubs. Neither cabin owners, nor, shall be held liable or responsible for any violation of these terms.

SECURITY CAMERAS: Security cameras are in use at the Cabin. The cameras are strategically located outside the cabin. The purpose of the cameras is to ensure the Property is secure from theft when the cabin is not in use and that rules such as capacity limitations, pet limitations, no events and/or parties are being followed. Please be assured there are no interior cameras in place. Your privacy is certainly a top priority. DO NOT attempt to move or disable any cameras at any time during your stay. Tampering with cameras will result in a $75 minimum charge. Thank you for your understanding.

ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (ATVs): Riding ATVs is prohibited around the Cabin and on the Property. Most roads

around the Cabin are county roads which prohibit ATVs. Fines start at $250 per person and are enforced by the

Sheriffs and Game Wardens.

Waiver of Liability

Guest acknowledges and agrees:

the Property is rugged and includes steep inclines and embankments;

the Property includes multiple flights of stairs;

the Property is located in a habitat such that Guest may encounter wildlife;

the Property includes areas designated for open fires, such as a campfire;

the hot tub is not fenced or enclosed;

Guest also acknowledges that guest’s stay at the Property involves risks that may result in serious bodily injury and/or death. Some of the risks include, but are not limited to, drowning, falling, sports injuries, slipping, tripping, falling, cuts, hazards due to adverse weather conditions, the acts or omissions of guests or visitors on the Property during my stay, encounters with wildlife or other animals as may enter the Property, and the condition of the Property. Guest understands that the description of the risks in this Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability is not complete and that other risks or events that are known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, and/or apparent or not apparent may result in serious bodily injury and or/death.

Guest hereby assumes all such risks and the obligation to notify all persons in Guest’s party of such risks.

In consideration of being permitted to rent and stay at the Property, Guest agrees on Guest’s own behalf,

Guest’s family, any and all persons in Guest’s Party, and any invitees of Guest that Guest is fully responsible for any and all risks of injury or death. Guest hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless Know Properties, LLC and the owner of the Property and their respective members, principals, agents, officers, employees,

representatives, and assigns (collectively “Releasers”).

Guest agrees to fully and forever release and discharge, and not to sue Releasers for any injuries or damages,

including bodily injury or property damage may result from or be related in any way to my rental and stay at

the Property. Guest further agrees to indemnify and defend Releasers, through their own choice of counsel,

against any and all claims arising out of or related in any way to Guest’s rental of the Property, including claims by third parties.

Guest agrees to all rules and recognizes violation to any rules set may result in additional fees and/or eviction from properties without discounts or refunds. Guests agree and recognize that any legal violations may result in local police involvement. 

Thank You and Enjoy Your Stay!

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