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Rest, renew, restore, and get back to nature in one of our beautiful privately owned cabins. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of a classic log cabin or a more modern styled cabin, need a cabin for two, or a group getaway, we have you covered. 

Sit back while nature watching, fishing, canoeing, paddle bordering, hiking, horse back riding, even scuba diving, and more and return to your own private cozy cabin in the forest draped under the mature pine trees.

All cabins are located in the Ouachita National Forest on the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. Once primarily owned and populated by the Chactow Tribe as a lumber community and then becoming the "moonshine capital" of Oklahoma, it is now a booming tourist community today made up of almost 100% of small businesses, this includes the cabin owners. The Choctaw Tribe is still very much a part of Hochatown and soon has plans to bring a new Casino to Hochatown. 

Located in a truly stunningly beautiful rural area such as a national forest, Hochatown has an array of wildlife varying from turkey, rabbits, coyotes, bald eagles, quail, black bears, deer, fox, and so much more. With the natural habitat, many variations of spiders and snakes are also present in the area and the "great pollination" as we call it, takes place over several months in the spring. If you are looking for hypoallergenic, a forest may not be the perfect getaway for you, especially during our spring months. If you are craving nature and a slower pace while living in and taking advantage of the modern age, Hochatown is what you've been looking for! Please be aware that much of the landscape maybe made up of steep hills or drop offs while also inhabiting our wildlife friends.

We truly hope you see the majestic beauty of what we all see and beyond enjoy our your escape in our big little town of Hochatown and enjoy your vacation with us!

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