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Welcome To Beavers Box!

Thank you for choosing Kowi Properties to host you. We hope you enjoy your stay with us & your special gift from us! Please feel free to hike or go fishing at the community pond. Two fishing poles are provided for your convenance, please do not not take poles off of the property. The pond is catch & release. Stocked with bass, crappie, fathead minnows, & hybrid bluegills. The hot tub, BlackStone, and fire pit are designated for Beavers Box guests only. Please note, Kowi Properties does not manage the RV spots. If you encounter any issues with RV guests, please contact us immediately and we will contact the owner of the property to address your issue. 

Quick Guide

Check Out: 10:00 AM

Quiet Hours: 10:00PM-8:00AM

No Overcrowding or Parties

Please be respectful of neighbors

No Smoking

Let us know if something breaks

WIFI Password: beaversbox

Ratings Guide

We strive for 5 Stars with every guests! Please tell us what you enjoyed! Was it the special gift? How clean the property was? All the fun amenities offered?

We enjoyed our stay! Excellent Service! 

Had a good time but there were issues that were never addressed!

Major issues, Host doesn’t care!

Place Sucks! Host Sucks!

Burn it Down!


Golden Star
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Cabin Rules & Tips

Please see below for information about your cabin. We understand this is a lot of information! But it is important. We want you to have a fun memorable experience and this information can assist in that, so think of this like us being your virtual guide going through all the details to help you have the best getaway possible! 

Your cabin will be available to you starting at 4:00pm on your check in date through your check out date at 10:00am. Please download any information and directions needed prior to arrival. GPS, internet, and cell service may not be reliable. 

Please remember, this is not a hotel but someone’s private cabin that they themselves visit and they do provide all the amenities you see and use. Unlike a hotel, basics and special amenities are limited and replacements are not necessarily readily available for the next guest if items are damaged. Please treat the cabin, contents, and property as you would like someone to treat your home. 

We hope you have a wonderful getaway with us! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Welcome to Beavers Box!

We truly hope you have a wonderful time & enjoy your stay with us!



We love our guests & to show our appreciation to you, we at Kowi Properties provide a special gift from us to you! This gift is left on the kitchen counter for you. Please feel free to use any or all items left in the basket for you, but please leave the basket when you depart. Thank you again for choosing us!

Capacity: Beavers Box has a max capacity of 4 people total. Our capacity limitations are based upon the size of the cabin, septic system limitations, parking, etc. Overcrowding is not permitted for the safety of our guests and cabins. Major events such as weddings, large reunions, parties, etc are not permitted under any circumstances. If you plan to have temporary guests visit, please notify us prior to their arrival to avoid any issues with your stay.

Download/use: WAZE App for navigation around town (Majority of attractions are located off of 259) & Alltrails App for hiking trails

WIFI: beaversbox

This service is provided for your enjoyment. You are responsible for safe and appropriate use and complying with all laws. WIFI cannot be guaranteed to be working at all times. There may be service outages that are beyond our control. If there is any loss of service, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to work with the provider to reinstate service as soon as possible for you.


Mountain Man Meat Market

24 Crooked Oaks Lane Broken Bow, OK 74728


Pruett’s Food

201 S Park Dr Broken Bow, OK 74728



501 S Park Dr Broken Bow, OK 74728


Future Forecast:

Wednesday High of 60, Low 0f 35, Mostly Cloudy

Thursday High of 64, Low of 37, Mostly Sunny

Friday High of 73, Low of 42, Sunny

Saturday High of 74, Low of 46, Mostly Sunny

Useful Items to Bring:


Bug Repellant

For hiking: Long socks, boots, etc

For cooking: Spices, foil, plastic bags, to go containers, etc

For fun on the lake: Sunscreen, towels, beach bag, small water toys and beach toys, etc

For fishing: Appropriate licensing, fishing gear

A vacation attitude!

For fun activities and restaurant suggestions, please visit us at

Breakages: We understand that sometimes accidents happen! Should you break anything please let us know immediately. Thank you!

Smoking Policy: This is a smoke-free home, this includes all forms of smoking. Please smoke away from any doors and dispose of any cigarette butts, cigars, etc. properly. 

About Beavers Box (Tips, Tricks, and What to Expect)

  • Please lock door when you leave the property

  • Housekeeping: Housekeepers provide as thorough clean and cabin staging to the best of their abilities in just a few hours in-between guests. This includes but is not limited to laundering linens, towels, entry rugs & bath rugs, putting up dishes, cleaning appliances, sanitizing all highly touched surfaces, sinks, showers, bathtubs, grill, hot tub, etc. Housekeepers strive to do their duties to the best of their abilities. They are not maids and do not provide services while guests are present. If housekeeping is required to return to a cabin during a guest stay and it is found, no issues present are a result of the housekeeping duties not being completed properly, a special trip charge of $50 will apply. 

  • Trash: Cans for trash pickup are located in the front of the cabin. Trash picks up every 2-3 days.

  • Fishing Poles are provided for use on property at the community pond. Do not remove or take poles off property. 

  • Furniture: Please do not move or rearrange furniture, this includes outdoor furniture on deck. This may cause damage to the furniture and/or the flooring.

  • Supplies: We provide a starter amount of toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, hand soap, dish soap.

  • Kitchen: Stocked with everything you need to cook & serve food such as pots, pans, silverware, cutlery, cooking sheets, coffee maker, dishes, cups, coffee mugs, etc. We suggest you bring any disposable type products such as spices, plastic bags, foil, tupper ware, etc. Please note, when adding large amounts of lukewarm food to the refrigerator, it may take a few hours for the refrigerator to cool the food. It is best to bring food in a cooler with ice or ice packs to avoid this.

  • Living Room: TV is a smart TV. Please feel free to login to any personal streaming accounts you may have and make sure to logout upon your departure so future guests are not able to access your account(s). Satellite TV is also provided. Remote is located on coffee table. Use power button to turn on and off, menu button to scroll channels, input button will give you options for Smart TV options.

  • Bedroom & Loft: Bedroom & loft will have linens provided. This includes sheets, blankets, and pillows. 

  • Bathroom: Linens are provided for bathrooms including towels, hand towels, rags, as well as hand soap. Please bring your own shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and any other toiletries you may need.

  • Interior Items: Our owners strive to provide many comforts for our guests to enjoy. Please do not remove indoor items from the cabin. Please do not take items such as indoor pillows or throw blankets outside. Please do not remove cabin towels to use at the lake, river, or for picnics, etc. These items are not meant for the outdoor elements. 

  • Board Games: Please feel free to have a spirited game with your companions. Once finished with games, please put them back in the correct boxes with all correct pieces for our next guests to enjoy.

  • Outdoor Fire Pit: Available year-round unless noted under a burn ban. Please let us know if you will need firewood. We can easily add it to your reservation and deliver it to you. A firewood bundle will include 20 cut, dry, and ready to burn firewood pieces for $40. We do not deliver wet or green wood. Please feel free to build a fire and enjoy cooking s'mores, other foods, or watching lightening bugs. Remove any food to not attract wild animals. Please do not remove burnt logs, embers may still be present. Please do not leave fire unattended and make sure fire is extinguished before leaving to avoid wildfires.

  • Hot Tub: Use at your own risk. Hot tubs are completely drained and sanitized between each guest to ensure deep sanitization. Due to this cleaning regiment, your hot tub may not be to full temperature upon your arrival but rest assured, it is warming and should be ready to use shortly. Hot tubs take a minimum of 4 hours to heat to the desired temperature of 104 degrees from the initial refill time. If you notice the hot tub not warming upon arrival, please DO NOT adjust or change any settings, but instead contact us immediately. Please DO NOT leave minors unattended in hot tub. Replace hot tub cover on top of hot tub when not in use. This will help keep all things from nature such as pollen and leaf’s out of the hot tub and allow the water to filter & circulate properly, so it remains as clean as possible for your stay. It is highly recommended that guest bath prior to hot tub use and avoid using body products such as body oils & lotions that the hot tub jets will otherwise shake off the body and will remain in the hot tub until its next scheduled draining and sanitization cleaning. Please DO NOT add anything to the hot tub water. This may cause unrepairable damages. Please DO NOT eat in hot tub. Please DO NOT stand or sit on hot tub cover. This could cause bodily harm to you and break the hot tub cover. Please be careful entering and exiting the hot tub for your own safety. It is not recommended to use hot tubs while pregnant or impaired. Lack of adherence to hot tub rules that result in a trip to reclean hot tub, take hot tub out of sleep mode from making improper adjustments to settings, etc. will result in a special trip charge of no less than $75. Food or other undesirable contents in hot tub will result in an additional cleaning fee of no less than $100 plus possible filter replacement costs, as it will take multiple drains, hundreds of gallons of water, and extreme deep cleaning to remove from the hot tub and filter. 

  • Grill: This is a propane grill. It will heat to desired temperature quickly unlike a charcoal grill. Please turn off propane immediately after use. We recommend using foil to assist in a faster clean-up process for you.

  • Pets: Pets must be disclosed at the time of booking. We accept well behaved pets. Pet limitation is 1 pet, dogs only, under 30 lbs. Pets should have preventative flea and tick treatment, especially considering we are located in a national forest where wildlife is part of our everyday life. There is a pet fee to cover additional cleaning costs. If pets are with your party, please be sure you paid the $50 per night pet fees associated to avoid any issues with your stay. Pets are not allowed in beds, on cabin linens, blankets, or furniture as the fur can be difficult to impossible to remove from fabric and crevasses. Please bring anything your pet may need for your stay, including kennels, leashes, etc. Please always keep your pet on a leash when outside of the cabin. Dogs can be perfect at your home alone or by your side when in their normal environment, but will often exhibit destructive behavior when left alone in an unfamiliar place, become subject to their natural prey instincts or even become spooked and run away. Please be sure to clean up properly after your pet both inside and outside of the cabin and that all pet waste is disposed of properly. Please follow all additional pet guidelines for the safety of your pet and yourself. You can visit for more information.

  • ATV's and other similar vehicles are not permitted for use on cabin property. 

Check Out Instructions: Please leave cabin & property in a reasonable condition

  • Checkout Time: 10AM 

  • Put all used towels in laundry basket

  • Make sure all dishes are clean

  • Pick up all trash in cabin and around the property and place in trashcan in front of the cabin

  • Leave beds unmade for laundering

  • Remove all food & drinks

  • Logout of any personal streaming accounts you may have logged into.

  • Please put any items moved back into their original place or as close as you can recall

  • Please check to make sure all doors are locked upon your departure 

Rules Guest agree to:

  • Person on reservation must be present during stay and must be at least 21 years old

  • Pets allowed: Maximum 1 and must be under 30 lbs (Pet Fees Apply)

  • No overcrowding, guest limitations are enforced

  • No events or parties

  • Not cut down any trees or limbs

  • Not use fireworks

  • Not overbuild fires

  • Not build any fire outside of designated area

  • Not leave any fire unattended

  • Not remove used firewood

  • Not climb or sit on hot tub cover

  • Not add anything to hot tub water

  • No SMOKING of any kind inside cabin or near open doors

  • Be respectful to entirety of property and surrounding guests & RV's

  • Quiet Hours: 10PM-8AM

  • Must follow all check out instructions

Please leave cabin & property in reasonable condition by following check out instructions. Guests understand any guests found in violation to house rules will be financially liable for any additional cleaning fees up to $500 and all damages plus costs of replacement items and maybe promptly removed from premises without discount or refund. These rules are for the safety of you, our cabins, and our entire community.

Emergencies: We hope this is information you will never need to use but we care about your safety and feel it’s best for you to have all necessary emergency contacts. For emergency services (ambulance, police, fire) please immediately call 911. Do not delay if you feel an emergency has arisen. State your location as 6930 N US HWY 259, Broken Bow OK 74728.
In case of a fire

  • Exit the property as quickly as possible

  • Ensure that all persons are accounted for

  • Dial 911

State your location: 6930 N US HWY 259, Broken Bow OK 74728 Broken Bow, OK 74728

Do not attempt to re-enter the building until a Fire Officer states that it is safe to do so. 

For emergency services please immediately call 911. Do not delay if you feel an emergency has arisen.

Fire Department Broken Bow: 580-584-2424

Police Department Emergency: 580-494-6333

Police Department Non-Emergency: 580-494-6478

McCurtain Memorial Urgent Care Hochatown: 580-494-6562

McCurtain County Memorial Hospital Idabel: 580-286-7623

Thank you for staying with us, and we hope you enjoyed your getaway and that we have earned your trust to host you again in the future!

We wish you safe travels back home!


Please let us know if you have any questions or issues!

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